Cryptocurreny Mining Services

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We currently have three data centers. Two in Washington and one in Texas. We are also actively working on a larger (2MW to 4MW) facility in Oregon we hope to have open by the end of 2018. We have the immediate availability to add miners (~300kW available) to our standard data center facilities in Texas and Washington. At our mining specific facility, which comes in at a lower price point, in Washington we are working on adding another 190kW of capacity by June this year. We focus on a full service approach to mining from small miners with experience to investors that don’t know anything about mining, but want to get in the game. So we aren’t the cheapest options out there, but we provide a turnkey solution that you don’t have to worry about. Here are our service levels:  
Miner Consulting – For the more experienced miner who wants some advice or help getting a larger environment functioning efficiently. We help with miner management setups, highly available network configuration, rack setups, Awesome Miner software configuration, and other miner consulting.  
Managed Mining – You purchase the gear and ship it to our data center. We do all the installation, configuration, management, monitoring, and pool/profit switching. We also provide consulting services around the pools you want to use and profit switching parameters, if any. Pool changes will be performed for you; we take care of everything and you just sit back and collect the mining rewards.  
White Glove Mining – You send us cryptocurrency ahead of time to purchase your mining equipment and we take it from there. We acquire the miners for you for a cost of 15% of the miner purchase cost. We will cover import/customs duties as a part of this. As a part of this service we provide consulting regarding the purchasing of ASIC equipment or GPU builds depending on the desired currency to mine and outcomes. The on-going services are the same as the managed mining solution.